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Levelize My Bill

Stay in control of your monthly bills as we smooth out your drastically fluctuating payments with Benton REA’s Levelized billing. Briefly, this is how the program works.

*The Levelized billing amount is determined by averaging the usage of the twelve most recent months.
*You receive a bill every month showing how much electricity you have used that month and the current balance on your account.
*Your payment will fluctuate as the oldest month is dropped and the most recent month’s billing is added.
*To keep your account from getting a large negative balance, 1/12 of any negative balance is added to your Levelized payment.
*To be eligible, a member’s account must be paid in full. *Eligible members may exercise the option to be put on the levelized billing program at any time during the year.

Don’t have 12 months history with Benton REA? No problem. Benton REA will calculate a fixed payment that will automatically convert to Levelized once you have 12 months history.
To sign up for Levelized or to find out what your payment would be, fill out the form below or call Benton REA at (509) 786-2913 or toll free at (800) 221-6987

Information for Levelized Billing

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