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Reading My Meter

Benton REA reads the majority of its meters and direct access to the meter is very important.

If you have guard dogs or locked gates, please call Benton REA to make arrangements to ensure that your meter can be read. Please keep pathways to meters clear of debris and foliage for the safety of our meter readers.

Some members read their own meters each month. The member submits their meter reading on the back of their payment slip or online through Benton REA SmartHUB. The images to the right explain how to read a digital or dial electric meter.

The meters used by Benton REA are very accurate and operate similar to the odometer of a car. Like an odometer, the Kilowatt hour (kwh) meter continuously records cumulative usage. The kwh meters are not reset each month. If a kwh meter is not read for some reason for one month, the bill received for that period will be estimated by averaging the usage for the previous three months. The first bill you receive on a new account may not represent normal billing periods.

 Contact us at 1-800-221-6987


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