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Heat Pump Water Heaters


Heat pump water heaters are revolutionizing the way we heat water. Compared to traditional electric water heaters, heat pump water heaters can cut your water heating costs in half. Heat pump water heaters work like a refrigerator, but in reverse – while a refrigerator pushes heat from inside the unit out to the air around it, a heat pump water heater uses fans and an evaporator to pull warmth from the surrounding air and transfers it to water in the storage tank.

Heat pump water heaters can be installed in a variety of heated and unheated locations such as a garage, basement or utility room.

  • Space – Most units require at least 800 cubic feet of air-flow around them, this is the equivalent of 10’x10’x8′ of space
  • Sound – Heat pump water heaters generate sounds similar to a freezer
  • Cold air – While in operation, heat pump water heaters release cool, dry air
  • Size/height – Heat pump water heaters are slightly taller than standard electric water heaters

Benton REA offers rebates between $300 and $500 for qualifying heat pump water heaters in both site build and manufactured homes.

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