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Energy Issues/Legislation

Benton REA remains active in the Washington State Legislature and the U.S. Congress, protecting and enhancing the benefits of the member-owners of our cooperative. Each year representatives of Benton REA attend rallies, hearings and also meet with state and congressional representatives to discuss the cooperative’s positions on various bills and issues.

  • Click on State Issues to read Benton REA’s position on a number of issues in front of our state legislature.
  • Benton REA will post its positions on congressional issues soon.

Make Your Voice Heard!

While Benton REA works hard to represent our member-owner’s interest, it is always more effective if you join with us and make your voice heard as well. That is why we provide the Benton REA Member Power Program, a grassroots effort of members who support the goal of making sure power is reliable and affordable. Click on Member Power to join and make your voice heard on issues that may impact your power rates and reliability.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about any of the positions of Benton REA, please contact Troy Berglund.

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