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Renewable Energy

Benton REA receives close to 90% of its power from clean renewable resources and supports cost effective renewable energy sources.

Renewable Energy Class
Many Benton REA members want a more hands on participation in renewable energy and have expressed interest in residential projects such as solar and wind. Investigating the various laws, rules, regulations, and incentives can be an overwhelming task for members. But understanding all these aspects and getting accurate information is essential for people to make wise decisions. To help our members get all the information they need about residential renewable energy projects, Benton REA offers Renewable Energy Classes.

The class includes information about various solar and wind projects, rules for Net Metering or connecting the renewable project into the Benton REA distribution system, qualifying for incentives, and costs analysis of the projects. Benton REA even has a demonstration project that members can see first-hand how the projects are installed and connected to the distribution system.

If you are interested in learning more about small renewable energy projects, net metering, or attending one of these classes, contact Ron Mitchell at 509-786-8265, toll free at 800-221-6987 or email Ron Mitchell.

 Contact us at 1-800-221-6987


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