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Tree Program


Tree Removal

Through the years, small trees sometimes grow into potential problems including service reliability and potential danger. Many trees have to be pruned so heavily and frequently that they ultimately decline, decay or become a hazard. While the natural reaction is to “save” such trees, replacement is the most logical choice. Benton REA will remove potential problem trees at no cost to you and also give you a certificate towards the purchase of a utility friendly tree. In addition, dead trees which could fall into power lines, should be removed. Please call Benton REA at 786-2913 if you have a tree that needs looked at for possible removal.

Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place:

When branches get too close or touch utility power lines, a hazardous situation may be created. Problems can be avoided by selecting and planting trees with the size and growth characteristics appropriate to their location. Planting the right tree near power lines can save you and Benton REA problems in the future.

Avoid Overhead Lines:

Avoid planting trees directly under power lines. If the location is within 30 feet of power lines, choose trees that will grow no higher than 25 feet at maturity. There are many options of “power line friendly” trees available. Ask your nursery for help or give us a call and we are happy to answer questions and provide you with more detailed information.

Avoid Underground Utilities:

Trees and shrubs planted over underground utilities may be damaged or completely removed if utility lines must be dug up for service. Roots from trees and plants can also cause problems as they grow.

Call Before You Dig – For Safety Sake At least 48 hours before you dig more than 12 inches, call 1-800-424-5555 or 811. The location will be checked and marked for underground utilities, phone lines and cable.

Access to Electrical Equipment:

In order for Benton REA employees to do their jobs in a timely and safe manner, it’s important that access to Benton REA equipment is readily available. Electrical equipment such as pad-mounted transformers, switch cabinets, or electric meters, need to be kept free of obstructions for service accessibility. During power outages crews often find fences, shrubs and trees that have been placed or planted in front of electrical equipment. Removing these obstacles takes time and delays restoring power. We are willing to work with members and property owners, to the extent that the landscaping around transformers does not prevent access, or can be quickly removed by our crews if needed. We do our best not to damage any landscaping when working on our equipment.

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